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Dry Materials


15 September - 24 November, 2021 (A week off on 20 October)

2 1/2 hours per week for 10 weeks
6pm - 8.30pm

£190 for 10 Lessons


Through drawing we can make visible our ideas, interrogate and understand our surroundings, and communicate complex information. Fluency in drawing is a skill that we aquire and we improve as we draw more; it is also a way of thinking and so being aware of how, why and in which way we draw is important. In these 10 lessons we will investigate different facets of drawing and give you confidence in your ability to make visible your ideas more effectively. These sessions can be undertaken individually (if we have slots available) but will work best in sequence. The 10 lessons will investigate fundamental skills through specifically designed drawing tasks on: line, tempo, generic/specific representation, volume, peripheral vision, inside out spaces, the use of erasure, scale and proportion, viewpoints, and repetition and variation.


This course will suit architects, designers, engineers, artists, and students and professionals from the creative industries who would like to improve their drawing skills and their understanding of the potential drawing has as a medium.


Materials will be provided by us in the studio.

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