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If due to COVID we are not allowed to use our Drawing Studio, we will move the courses online.


Eye to Pencil is committed to following COVID Government Guidelines so that we are able to maintain in person teaching in the studio and to play out part in keeping our community safe.

We have taken measures to keep the studio space safe and intend to run courses in person unless Government restrictions prevent it. We are ready to move teaching online if we need to adapt to further restrictions, and we will of course offer proportionate refunds if we have to cancel sessions/events in the studio.

In order to minimise risk in the studio we ask everyone to be thoughtful about these safety measures:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Use sanitisers on the studio tables
  • Observe social distancing measures where possible
  • Wear a face covering when moving around the studio (unless you are exempt)
  • Get regular LFTs (ideally twice a week)
  • Stay at home and get tested via the NHS if you have symptoms
  • Notify us if you test positive for the virus


This is the Government's Guidance on COVID