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Revisiting Basics


We will be running this course again and will post dates as soon as they are confirmed.


For each of the four days of the course we will have a topic which will introduce ideas and an awareness of the visual choices we make through drawing.

Each day will build on learning and experience from the previous day. In a non-judgmental space there will be a chance to open up beyond the stylistic habits that we all develop, when we draw. Working together as a group, we aim to help you discover a wider range in your drawing and to draw with renewed flow and confidence.


We have designed this course for students from different disciplines who feel that drawing could become a useful part of their thinking process or who are already drawing, or for lapsed drawers who want to get back into it. This course is suitable for students of all ages (aged 18+) and levels of experience. This is drawing as visual thinking, rather than an intention to make art works. We like the idea of exchange and look for students with open thinking and an enjoyment in making.


Each morning we will introduce a set of drawing exercises and tasks. The afternoon sessions will build on this with time for looking and independent experimentation. Throughout the day there will be contextual interventions and discussion to find a shared language to talk about everything to do with drawing (the whole world, universe, and beyond)

SKETCHING - exploring materials

Monday 21th June 2021 In the morning we will reconsider our sensitivity to the pencil and see what we can make it do through a number of specific exercises. We will be looking at mark making both in the context it is used and considering the character of the marks themselves. In the process developing a library of marks. In the afternoon we will also work with a range of paper and pencils/inks/conte/charcoal to feel and see the different possibilities inherent in various media.


Tuesday 22th June 2021 Building on our findings from Day 1 we are aiming to use drawing as a tool to notice and notate what we are seeing and the visual world around us. Working from still life/nature observation allows us to apply a sensitivity to materials serving specific ends. Here we will have a chance to incorporate some of our range of mark making considering a familiar object within a more complex context.


Wednesday 23rd June 2021 With the experience from the past two days this is an opportunity to play with skills we have been developing through making images, forms and shapes from memory and using our mind’s eye. We will start the day with some games to encourage intuitive working and associative thinking, this will free us up to find inventive solutions.


Thursday 24th June 2021 On the final day we will develop drawings together and discover common ground incorporating our stylistic differences. This will allow us to recognise different ways of seeing, and representing the same thing. It will be a chance to collaborate through responsive drawing, collaging and recycling on some larger pieces.


We have put together a list at our local art shop of the materials you will need for this course, You may have some or all of the materials already but if you are starting from scratch, with a 10% discount the materials list costs approximately £40. We will email you the materials list on booking.

Lunch is not provided but there are many local delis and cafes, or you can bring a lunchbox. If it is sunny the local parks are beautiful and if the weather is less compliant then you can eat inside.

Here is a map of how to get to us.

We hope to run the courses in our drawing studio, as described, however if it is necessary due to COVID regulations, we will will offer our courses online. Here are our COVID precautions for the Drawing Studio.

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