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Wet Materials


26 October - 23 November, 2021

3 hours per week for 5 weeks
10am - 1pm



Over the 5 sessions we will explore a range of wet drawing materials in combination with different papers. Using various inks and watercolour we will work with line and wash, staining, opacity, layering and collaging. Using the paper itself as a part of the tonal range and for luminosity is another aspect of painting on paper we will focus on. Again we will consider the usual use of materials and work with and against these expectations. This course complements and extends what you will learn in the Dry Materials course.


We have designed this course for students from different disciplines who feel that drawing could become a useful part of their thinking process or who are already drawing, or for lapsed drawers who want to get back into it. This course is suitable for students of all ages (aged 18+) and levels of experience. This is drawing as visual thinking, rather than an intention to make art works. We like the idea of exchange and look for students with open thinking and an enjoyment in making.


Materials will be provided by us in the studio.

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