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Southwark Park Galleries installation
Clay cutouts
Cutout detail




Tuesday, 1 March, 6.30-8pm


Wednesday, 9 March, 10am-4pm (1 hour lunchbreak)

Talk Description

Anne Ryan’s work is constantly playful and surprising, as she mixes up a wide range of materials and cultural influences into her ‘cutout’ constructions. Sitting somewhere between painting and sculpture, her constructions incorporate multifaceted 3D collages, with intersecting 2D planes, and are often installed in groupings which reveal connections between different pieces. Fragments of narrative leap from one work to another and as you walk around them the pieces appear to shift in tone when seen from different angles, creating a varied and intuitively interactive viewing experience. They create complex, interconnected spaces which can hold contradictions. Drawing is central to the processes in her work.

Workshop Description

More details to follow.

Top left - Installation at Southwark Park Galleries
Second left - Installation with Ceramics
Third left - Cutout detail


Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan was born in Limerick, Ireland and studied at Limerick School of Art, and Birmingham University. In 2016 She was Abbey Fellow in Painting at the British School at Rome. She is an inspiring educator, teaching and mentoring in a number of London’s Art Schools. Her work is shown internationally, and she chooses to exhibit across a wide range of art spaces from UK Contemporary Art Museums to independent spaces, being represented by Greengrassi Gallery.


Instagram @anne_ryan_painter