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Milka dance still
Wrist band drawing
Jake Walker sketchbook
Projected drawings




Tuesday, 22 February, 6.30-8pm


Thursday, 24 February, 10am-4pm (1 hour off for lunch)

Talk Description

Jake will speak about the importance of drawing within his art practice and the way it relates to all his different ways of working. He will speak about how drawing can be used as a tool for thinking, and about the ways drawing can be used as a starting point to make video, dance and sound works.

Workshop Description

Jake will lead a workshop where participants will work collaboratively to re-work existing drawings into a graphic score for movement.

Before the workshop begins participants are asked to send scans/photos of previous drawings they have made, these will then be sampled and transformed using various drawing techniques to create a new collaborative drawing. Participants will then transform their drawings into a video work which has the potential to be turned into a dance performance.

Top left - Milka Dancing Still
Second left - Wristband Drawing
Third left - Sketchbook
Bottom left - Projected drawings


Drawing projections

Jake Walker

Jake Walker is a multidisciplinary artist and DJ working primarily with drawing, video, dance, print, photography and sound. Jake has shown dance video works at The Harris Museum in Preston, and at Dance4 in Nottingham for the UK Young Artists festival in 2019. Alongside showing works in gallery spaces, Jake regularly shows video works at night clubs and raves across London, these video works would be projected behind the DJ booth or shown in the side spaces of clubs. As a DJ Jake collects a wide range of electronic music, he is a resident on Kindred Radio where he plays a monthly show.

Jake has released music under his z0it alias on labels such as Quantum Natives and Crystal Mine Music in Spain; z0it is an alias geared towards experimental sounds and conceptual ideas around dance and choreography. Jake has recently been working on an artist development programme as a sound designer at Half Moon theatre


Instagram @jakes_things