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DRAWING SOUND: Explore drawing through music


Tuesday, 16 November, 6.30-8pm


Wednesday, 1 December, 10am-4pm (1 hour lunchbreak)

Talk Description

Lorena Cantó will talk about her journey through the process she uses as a graphic designer to find the visual identity of a musician through their music, and how it can be turned around to find the best music to stimulate a drawing style. In this talk she will discuss how her own experiences and inspirations as a musician have helped her in the design process.

Lorena Cantó will also be talking in conversation with Luci Eyers about her wider art and musical influences, considering a favourite piece of art from a musician's perspective. They will discuss what is shared and where ideas diverge when looking from parallel histories of art and music.

Workshop Description

As a professional musician, one spends hours exploring feelings and emotions with one goal, communicating them without being able to use anything other than a particular instrument. Visual art does much the same. By understanding the means music uses to express ideas and emotions, this workshop hopes to stimulate your sense of hearing and help you connect with your drawing to a deeper level.

Lorena Cantó will lead the workshop, with Luci Eyers assisting. Participants will work with specifically designed drawing tasks throughout the day, drawing in response to music and musical techniques including: structure, harmony, texture, melody and rhythm.

Top left - Fundamentals of Music (logo), 2020
Middle left - Troubled Waters, 2021
Bottom left - Breathing Lungs 2, from a series


Lorena Cantó Woltèche

Lorena Canto Wolteche

Lorena Cantó is a professional classical musician and graphic designer. Born into a family of musicians, music is a theme ever present in her work. After pursuing her music education in viola at the Yehudi Menuhin School and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, she now combines her active career as member of the Jubilee String Quartet and her work as a freelance graphic designer specialised for artists. Besides enjoying helping other musicians develop their visual identity, one of her greatest artistic concerns lies in finding the perfect marriage between sound and image. As a designer, Lorena enjoys exploring different kinds of media, combining illustration and photo manipulation.


Instagram @lcwiola