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Molly Martin is an Artist and Illustrator based in South East London.

Growing up in the secluded English countryside, Molly spent a lot of her childhood drawing the world around her. Often drawing from life but also her imagination, she would spend hours at a time making sketchbooks and filling them with invented characters and illustrated stories.

She went on to study Illustration at Falmouth University where she was able to truly explore her illustrative style while continuing her drawing practice with life drawing classes and observational studies. Today she works as a freelance illustrator and artist from her studio at Thames Side Studios in Woolwich.

For Molly, sketchbooks are a vital tool for her drawing practice. They are a place to put ideas and make notes but can also act as personal time capsules - capturing a certain period of time and life. The freedom in which she works within her sketchbooks, totally depends on the quality of the paper, so she keeps a number of sketchbooks at a time. Some are for nobody else to see, and others are a collection of artworks depicting a holiday or project.

Photo credit: Roo Lewis
Top left - Page from Blow Pipe Maker
Second left - The Art of Repair
Bottom left - Tim in Blankets


Instagram @molly.a.martin