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Eden Amiss - Piper - 2014
Europa, 2017
Detail from Collaborative Wall Drawing, 2019



Lorena Canto Wolteche

Luci Eyers is an artist, and founder and director of Eye to Pencil.

Drawing is central to Luci's work, both as a way of visualising and developing ideas but also through a strong sense of line which underpins her painting. She loves looking at drawings from previous centuries but also drawings from other fields: botany, neuroscience, architecture, graphic novels, satirical prints, and mapping.

Collaboration is a long-standing thread in Luci's art practice and she is keen to bring collaborative drawing in to the Eye to Pencil studio. She will be leading collaborative workshops, where small groups will develop large scale wall drawings together.

Luci studied painting at the Slade. From ‘90s she worked in artist collectives on media art projects. From ‘98 she taught for 5 years in the Photography Department at UCA Rochester. In 2012 Luci participated in the inaugural year of the studio programme at Turps Art School and is currently a mentor on their Correspondence Course.

Photo credit: Anna Kari
Top left - Detail from Wall Drawing, 2014
Second left - Detail from London, 2017
Third left - Europa, 2017
Bottom left - Detail from Collaborative Wall drawing, 2019


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