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Eye to Pencil's Studio is a space for drawing with others. It is a space for observing, collaborating, sharing ideas and above all for discussing drawing as a skill and a tool for exchanging ideas where everyone can learn something new by trying things out. Our sessions are planned to guide a visually intuitive approach rather than to seek perfection.

Our approach to drawing is to give students confidence in their ability to communicate through drawing or sketching. We believe in learning through making and that drawing is part of a visual thinking process which frequently entails revision. It often isn’t easy to turn visual ideas into verbal explanations, but discussing and sharing observations and experiences is an important part of our studio activity as is looking at how generations of artists have dealt with the same challenges in the past.

The Studio aims to create a space that is both a quiet and focused place to work as well as a place for lively debate. Drawing together is the catalyst for these and we want to learn what the common ground and the limits of drawing seem to be when applied to different professions and personal experiences.


Eye to Pencil came out of a twenty year conversation between an artist, Luci Eyers, and an art historian, Antje Southern, where the distinctions between these disciplines have become blurred.


LUCI EYERS - Director

Luci Eyers

Luci is a painter, she studied at the Slade and from ‘90s also worked in artists collectives on media art projects. From ‘98 she taught for 5 years in the Photography Department at UCA Rochester. In 2012 Luci participated in the inaugural year of the studio programme at Turps Art School and is currently a mentor on their Correspondence Course.

She works predominantly in watercolour with images sourced from her imagination however looking at drawing in its widest sense has always been and important part of her practice. Drawing and a sense of line are core to her work.



Luci Eyers

Elyssa Sykes-Smith is an artist working in site-specific sculpture, installation, performance, socially engaged projects, education, and public art. Sykes-Smith continues to advocate for human rights and environmental sustainability utilising the tools of art, research and education

Qualifications include MFA (Distinction) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture London (2021), and BFA (Hons) in Sculpture at The National Art School Sydney (2013).